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Galería Metro com just works as a service for adults; in order to be a customer of our company, you need to be over eighteen. Please, do not try to register if you are not eighteen years old.


When you create or modify an advert, a file, or you send a message, you state that you are over eighteen and that you have read and accepted the terms of use and policy privacy of Galería Metro. When you press the confirmation button, you will be registered as an user, and you would have to accept the terms below.


1. As an adult person, you are the only responsible for any information included in your personal profile and for all the communications with other Galería Metro users. Galería Metro can’t control the use of our services by the users. So you should agree with accepting your own responsibility of your own actions regarding the law. In the same way, the customer is also limited by this User Agreement and should agree and accept the responsibility for the legality of his actions under the law. Galería Metro will not be responsible for the illegality of the users’ actions.


2. You must not use our service to send or spread offensive material, including offensive language or explicit sexual references.


3. You won’t hound other users, trying to keep communicating with someone who has clearly asked you to stop communicating with him/her. You must be sure that your behavior with other users is legal and according to the law. If you don’t respect the law or this agreement, you won’t claim responsibility to Galería Metro , and you will release Galería Metro from any lawsuit, procedures or legal actions, related to this section.


4. Regarding Galería Metro:


(i) Our company reserves its right, with any limitation, of cancelling any member who doesn’t obey this terms and conditions, even if the company suspects that a customer can be related to any kind of fraud or illegal activity in relation to our service, or any other moment, with or without his/her awareness. Galería Metro will not have any obligation with you if it cancels the service for any reason considered by the company. You resign to every right you could have had with Galería Metro regarding to that behavior.


(ii) In the case of the personal profiles, Galería Metro can hide your profile if it is considered offensive till that offensive part is modified and considered acceptable for the company. If a solution is not applied Galería Metro reserves the right to remove a part or the whole profile together with its site:


(a) If Galería Metro com receives a request, or lawsuit to do it required by any agency or department from the government,

(b) At any moment, and with absolute discretion from Galería Metro, and Galería Metro com won’t have any obligation with you if they finish your account for any reason. You resign all the rights which you could have with Galería Metro due to your behavior.


(iii) Our company won’t be responsible for any information or material uploaded or received via our service.


(iv) Our company has the right of stating the terms and conditions at any moment, showing them in its website. You (and all the users) will be limited by these terms from this moment.


(v) Galería Metro com is not responsible to ensure that users obey the terms and conditions, despite these terms and conditions specify the behavior which is not acceptable for our service.


(vi) Under any circumstance a customer will be allowed to ignore the rules of the service in order to avoid any damaging consequence or indirect harm. Moreover, our company renounce to any responsibility under the protection of the law, without being related with the acts or omissions of the service users. Nevertheless, nothing in this agreement tries to exclude any legal responsibility of Galería Metro. . If you notify Galería Metro, within a twelve-month period, about the referred behavior related to any requirements, actions, lawsuits or procedures which have been presented, regarding the law, you will have to exonerate and release Galería Metro from all the rights, actions procedures and lawsuits which you could have had against Galería Metro.


(vii) Returns: Returns are allowed within the 7 following days after the reception of the godos, and always due to manufacturing faults. In these cases Galería Metrocom will substitute the product without any extra fee for the customer.


5. Galería Metro notifies you that there are some risks dealing with Internet users located in other countries, people under 18 o people acting under a fake identity or with any other criminal purpose.


6. The identification of the users on the Internet is very difficult. So, Galería Metro com can’t ensure every member or user is who they claim to be. For this reason, you should be careful when you contact with other users.


7. Due to Galería Metro com won’t be implied in the communications and activities between members, in case you have any problem with other user, under that allowed by the law, you will exonerate Galería Metro (and also our agents and employees) from any claim, lawsuit or harm (current or subsequent)of any type or nature, known or unknown, suspicious or not, revealed or not, consequence form or related to the conflict in any way.


8. You are the only responsible for the information provided by yourself for your personal profile. (“Your private information”), and Galería Metro acts in a passive way as a means of distribution and publication on the net of the information. However, Galería Metro can take any action, regarding your information, considered as necessary or appropriated, for example,if Galería Metro com thinks that your information can imply any legal responsibility for us, or that you can cause us any damage to Access to our ISPs servers services or any other server, then Galería Metro could modify or eliminate the whole or a part of your personal information.


9. You should be sure that your personal information:

(i) it is not slanderous,ilegally intimidating or can cause legal hound; or

(ii) that it’s not obscene or contains child pornography.

(ii) The regulations of this agreement are varied, and if any regulation os this agreement of the user is stated as invalid or not applicable, this regulation can be eliminated, being in force the rest of the regulations.

(iii)The possible unsatisfactory event for Galería Metro of acting regarding a violation of this agreement for your part do not prevent our right to act regarding subsequent or similar actions.

(iv) This agreement of the user can’t be interpreted against us due to the exclusive reason that it has been made by Galería Metro.

(v) Moreover, this agreement of the user specify the understanding and agreement between Galería Metro and your regarding this subject.

For the best performance of its services, Galería Metro com needs to provide some of its customers data (name, address, telephone number…) to other companies which collaborate with the provision of the service – hotels, restaurants, banks… - only the strictly necessary data for the specific activity will be provided.

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