ANA GIL RODRÍGUEZ (Ourense, 1973)


She obtained a degree in Hispanic Philology in Santiago de Compostela and trained for years in contemporary dance. She moved to Madrid to specialize in her studies, in artistic and literary vanguard. After discovering sculpture and photography as an artistic language, she studied for a doctorate at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra, becoming part of the ES2 research group at the University of Vigo. In July 2012 she defends her doctoral thesis in the Sculpture Department of the University of Vigo, in which she takes up the idea of the simulation in the home as a deceptive space of shelter, obtaining the title of doctor.


Her beginnings link her to the realization of the proposals framed within the so-called “ephemeral art”, through various interventions in the natural space or the practice of the performance genre in different exhibitions such as Chámalle X (2006), the Art in the Park Cycle (2007) in the Galician Centre of Contemporary Art. She has participated in diverse exhibitions related to feminist approaches such as Fem Art in Barcelona (2006) or Voilá la Femme (2009).


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