XAVIER CUIÑAS (Ourense, Spain,1958)


Hard to categorize in a determinate style or artistic trend, Cuiñas’s work has been evolving in a very gentle way, with an almost imperceptible continuity, eliminating weight and volume, defining lines, going beyond the sculptural concept to mimic the territory of the drawing, a three-dimensional drawing which projects its shadows invading the surrounding that involves it, and inviting the spectator to sheer contemplation. Each of the present elements in his pieces is essential and is at the service of a harmony and beauty so delicate that it makes his compositions dance and balance creating universes with their own identity that explore the limits of sculpture in space. And all this with the meticulousness and technical precision typical of an engineer who, with simple and austere materials such as wire, wood or glass, draws volume in the void, weaving the warp of its naked forms to give life to works of such complexity and rhythm that captivate us when we look at them. To sum up, we find ourselves in front of an exhibition that captivates us and that focuses our gaze on each of its multiple details. We feel the mathematic of perfection, of symmetry and equilibrium, but also of the mystery and the suggested. The forms that are born from the hands and the ingenuity of this artist seem familiar and recognisable; they are part of a cultural imaginary that evokes in us concepts such as tradition, crafts, cosmology, games and, specially, music and poetry. Xavier Cuiñas has a consolidated artistic career, a career of over thirty years with many individual and collective exhibitions and works in important public and private collections. His last important institutional exhibition was celebrated in the Cultural Centre of Ángel Valvente in Ourense (Galicia).


INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS 2020 Liña de Flotacióna Metro Gallery | 2019 Liña de Flotación Centro Cultural Anxo Valvente of Ourense | 2008 ”Pare, olle, escoite”. Diputación Provincial de Ourense. Fundación Caixa Galicia. Ourense | 2006 Galería eme-c*. Santiago de Compostela | 2005 Galería Jamete. Cuenca. Galería Visol. Ourense | 2003 Galería eme-*. Santiago de Compostela. | 2001 Galería Trisquel e Medulio. Tui. Galería eme-c*. Santiago de Compostela | 2000 Galería Visol. Ourense | 1998 Casa de Galicia. Madrid. Galería Obradoiro das Artes. Tamallancos | 1996 Galerie Lewerence. Kamen (Germany) | 1992 Galería Visol. Ourense | 1990 Sala Camba. Lugo | 1989 Galería Expresión. Ourense | 1988 Sala Caixa Ourense. O Barco de Valdeorras. Sala de Arte del Pazo de la Diputación. Lugo. Sala Flor de Maig. Barcelona. Sala Torreón de Andrade. Pontedeume. Sala Caixa Ourense. Ourense | 1986 Galería Sargadelos. Santiago de Compostela |1984 Rincón de Arte. Ourense.


COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS 2020 [Confinados] Metro Gallery | 2020 JustMad Madrid | 2019 JustLX Lisboa | 2018 JustLX Lisboa | 2018 arame_papel_madeira Metro Gallery | 2009 Galería METRO arte contemporánea. Santiago | 2005 Edificio Simeón. Diputación de Ourense.Galería Visol. Ourense | 2002 Galería Sargadelos. Santiago de Compostela | 2001 Galería Alameda. Vigo | 2000 Galería Trisquel e Medulio. Tui.Proxecto Home. Itinerante | 1997 Certamen de Escultura Caja Madrid. Madrid.Galería Lewerence. Kamen. Alemania.Centro Multifuncional de Carballiño. Ourense.Galería Visol. Ourense | 1996 Artistas ourensáns coa Cruz Vermella. Museo Arqueolóxico. Ourense.Área Central. Santiago de Compostela. ”Ourense por dignidade”. Museo Municipal. Ourense | 1993 Galería Obelisco. A Coruña.Galería Visol. Ourense | 1990 Encontros Galicia-Portugal. Viana do Castelo. Portugal.”Ay meu Orense” Museo Municipal de Ourense. Ourense |1989 Galería Expresión. Ourense. ”A intención” Esculturas no casco vello. Ourense.”1+1=12. Artistas ourensáns” Museo Municipal. Ourense | 1988 Galería Sargadelos. Barcelona.Sala de Arte del Pazo de la Diputación. Lugo.Feria Nacional de Cerámica Creativa. Zaragoza | 1987 Galería Obradoiro das Artes. Tamallancos.Feria Nacional de Cerámica Creativa. Zaragoza.Galería Obalne. Piran. Slovenia.Galería Cerámica y Ceramistas. Fundación do Colectivo ”Remol” (Caxigueiro, M.X- Díaz, Regal e Cuiñas) Zaragoza | 1986 Bienal de Escultura. Fundación Araguaney. Santiago de Compostela | 1984 Círculo de las Artes. Lugo. Museo Arqueolóxico de Ourense | 1983 Ateneo de Ourense. Itinerante. Delegación de Cultura da Xunta de Galicia |1982 Museo Arqueolóxico de Ourense.

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