LÚA GÁNDARA (O Porriño, Spain, 1988)
"When I want to say something, I speak. When I paint, it´s something else." When Lúa paints she builds balances with space, line and colour. It is always about where things are in space, about limits. She does not look for anything beforehand, she resolves and lets the painting carry her in a kind of furious dance, calm and happy at the same time. We can say that in the end they are always (mental) landscapes. The titles are a game with which she says she has a great time, normally they have nothing to do with the painting, but afterwards they do.
Lúa Gándara was born as Raquel Iglesias Gándara in O Porriño (Galicia) in 1988. She graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo. She is currently studying for a Master´s Degree in Teaching, specialising in Drawing and Arts, at the University of Vigo.
INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS 2019 "Atragantarse coas uvas" Individual exhibition in "Taller de Marcos" (Compostela, 5 December-5 January) | 2017 "Pintar por fóra" in the Torrente Ballester Centre in Ferrol from 5 to 11 June | 2016 "Plástico Estático" in the Panoramic Area of Tui. 
COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS 2020 [Confinados] Galería Metro | 2020 "Para desgustos... cores" exhibition with Sebas Anxo in Cubo (Vigo, 28th February - 30th June) | 2020 "Confinados" collective exhibition. Metro Gallery. (Santiago de Compostela, 5 June - 5 September) | 2019 "Pasearte" Mostra de Arte nos escaparates de Santiago Centro (Compostela, 5 Dec.-5 Jan.) | 2019 Presentation of "Casa&Concepto" with María Meijide at the Culturgal Feria de Industrias Culturais 2019 | 2019 "Octofonías" presentation of the final works of "Psicoacústica y músca experimental" at Sala Ricson in Hangar.org (Barcelona) | 2018 "Open estudio: Lúa Gándara vs María Meijide" (Santiago de Compostela, 7 May) | 2013 Exhibition "EXTIMOS. LÚA GÁNDARA AND DIEGO VITES" curated by Ania González at Adhoc Gallery, Vigo, from 13th June to 20th September | 2012 "Son FAC Laboratory" at FAC Peregrina (Santiago de Compostela) with Pablo Orza | 2010 Group exhibition: IKAS ART, international university art exhibition from 17th to 21st June at BEC in Bilbao.
PRIZES AND MENTIONS 2019 Practical workshop on painting and talk "Casa&Concepto" together with María Meijide at Fundación Luís Seoane in Coruña | 2018 Work selected in the project "Ofrécese artista limpa e responsable" of the platform +-35 | 2018 Work selected in the 15th mostra MAC, Museum of Contemporary Art, Naturgy Foundation | 2016 Work selected for the Prémio Artistas do Alto Minho e Galiza 2016 of the Fundaçao Bienal de Cerveira | 2016 Honourable Mention in the XV Iberian Cultural Competition: Young Artists" in the literary category of poetry | 2016 Selected in the VIII Prize for New Artists Auditorio de Galicia | 2014 Third Prize in the category of poetry of the Xuventude Crea 2014 Contest | Selected in the category of Plastic Arts of the Xuventude Crea 2014 Contest | 2013 Selected in the X Prize of Painting Eixo Atlántico | 2012 Selected in the "Novos Valores 2012" Competition in Pontevedra in the painting category with "Half a chicken breast on a polyester tray" | Finalist in the VIII Certame de Pintura "Novos Valores 2011" in Brión | 2012 Selected in the V Certamen de Pintura "Arte Nova Galega" | 2011 First Prize "Novos talentos luso- galaicos" in the "IX Bienal de Pintura Premio Eixo Atlántico" | 2011 Selected in the X Bienal Internacional Pintor Laxeiro (Lalín) | 2011 Selected in the 4th prize Unia Pintura 2011 | 2011 Selected in the "Certame de Artes Plásticas Novos Valores 2011" | 2011 Selected in the "Sétimo Premio Auditorio de Galicia Novos Artistas 2011".
WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS 2019 Practical workshop on painting and talk "Casa&Concepto" together with María Meijide at the Fundación Luís Seoane in A Coruña | 2019 "Octofonías" presentation of the final works of "Psicoacústica y músca experimental" at Sala Ricson in Hangar.org (Barcelona) | 2016 "Cuerpo Astral", member of the performance music group together with Vanesa Castro and Iñaki López Record "La primera vez", published by Ferror Records | 2012 Co-founder with Rodrigo Cuevas of the musical-performatics duo "La Dolorosa Compañía".

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